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Dance Dance Dance is on the Kimi to Boku Original Soundtrack Vol.1.

Composed and Arranged by Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden).

Drum: Takashi Furuta
Bass: Kazuhiro Sunaga
Guitars: Tetsuro Toyama, Hiromichi Wakabayashi
All Other Instruments & Programming: Masato Nakayama

Mixed by Hisayoshi Kondoh
Directed by Masato Nakayama
Recorded at studio form, ARIA studio
Sound Produced by Elements Garden
Production Management: 吹田亜沙美 (ARIA entertainment)

Mastering Engineer: Machiko Suzue

Dance Dance Dance Kimi to Boku Original Soundtrack Vol02:18

Dance Dance Dance Kimi to Boku Original Soundtrack Vol.1

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