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On Your Mark

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The Cultural Festival is here!

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It's finally the day of the Cultural Festival and everyone prepares for their respective groups. Shun's class are doing a "cafe with a twist" and Kaname's class are doing a "stereotypical haunted house". In Masaki's class, they are going to play Cinderella on stage. Even if her role is a mouse, she is desperate to practice her dialogue. The gang watches her performance however, some of them are still wearing their costumes, which made Masaki to notice them easily, gets nervous and accidentally mixed her lines up. Chizuru goes to comfort her after her performance

Characters That Appered In This EpisodeEdit

Shun, Kaname, Yuki, Yuta,Chizuru, Akira ,Azuma Sensei, Shizuna and Hisako


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