Fuyuki Masuoka



松岡 芙千



Anime debut

Episode 12 (Middle School Diary)



Hair colour


Eye colour

Bittersweet Shimmer


December 31

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Fuyuki Matsuoka is the little brother of Shun Matsuoka. He is in a middle school that Shun and his friends attended when they were younger. Unlike his older brother Shun, who is nice, kind and caring, Fuyuki is rude, harsh and perverted. He has perverted thoughts and is very different from his older brother. However, he is caring at times and he does think about others when need be.

More InfoEdit

Fuyuki has a girlfriend who is in the kendo club. Her name is Mamiya. She is also in middle school like Fuyuki. They both seem to like each other and care for each other.

Shun is overprotective of Fuyuki and loses it whenever he does something involving romance or something perverted.

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