RYUNOSUKE: I'm going to write about Yuki-senpai.

RYUNOSUKE: I wonder what I should write. A hero is...

SKULL: The cake is ours.

YUKI: Stop!


YUKI: Team Skull, I won't let you harm the Earth.

YUKI: Transform!

YUTA: Hero Blue!

CHIZURU: Hero Yellow!

KANAME: Hero Black!

SHUN: Hero Pink!

YUKI: Hero Red!

YUKI: Together, we are...

ALL: The High School Fighting Homa Rangers!


RYUNOSUKE: That's what I'll write

. RYUNOSUKE: The five of them pose together, and...

YUKI: Together, we are...

ALL: The High School Fighting Homa Rangers!

KANAME: Why are you wearing your school uniform?

YUKI: I can't pull off full body tights.

CHIZURU: These aren't full body tights!

YUKI: I'm surprised you guys wore them.

YUKI: Please continue teaching the kids...

Unnamed: in front of the TV the true meaning of bravery.

KANAME: Don't call it bravery!

CHIZURU: Th-This is getting really embarrassing.

SHUN: Stop it.

SHUN: We're a team. We can't afford to fight now.

KANAME: You're right.

CHIZURU: All right, everyone.

CHIZURU: Let's work together to defeat our enemies.

KANAME: You have to fight, too.


This scene featured in episode 8.

Gallery of the Homa rangers!Edit

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